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President's message

I believe the Bail Industry in Connecticut is one of the best in the country. We have always had the cooperation and support of the offices of the Chief States Attorney and Department of Insurance. Yet, year after year state legislators have proposed bills that would eliminate the bail bond industry in Connecticut. Working with both the Chief States Attorney's office and the Department of Insurance the Bail Association of Connecticut endeavor to lobby for much needed changes to the Bail Bond industry. Together we lobby for reform, rather than removal of a vital part of the public's Constitutional Right to Reasonable Bail.

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Platinum Membership $1000/year
  • All rights of Individual members as well as Ability for Display Advertise in Publications
  • Access to Radio Frequency Channel
Gold Membership $250/year
  • Must enroll providing/name license #/email/mailing address/phone number
  • Must be licensed bondsman or BEA
  • Name listing licence number and phone number listing on website and directory
  • Access to meetings
  • Participate in surveys
  • Access to data page
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  • Access to news/blog
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  • Vote
Blue Member
  • Access to Facebook
  • Name and License and telephone number in bold listing in publications
  • Be Heard in Industry Related Issues and “have a voice” in pending potential legislation and the direction of the BAC
  • Run for Elections
  • Vote in, Elections,Industry Related Matters
  • Membership Access to website
  • Utilize logo and indicate you are approved 2017/2018 member meeting approved standards of the BAC
Silver Membership $100/year
  • Access to Facebook
  • Name and License number listing in publication

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